Can't Get No Satisfaction

Satisfaction comes up a lot. I just watched a beautiful and human video from TGD that asks many respected creatives if they’re satisfied. The answers are all over the map. I don’t think this happens because they’re all in different places in their careers. I think it happens because they all choose to view their work from different perspectives.

Is it possible that seeking satisfaction is its own sort of contentedness? If there is one trait that everyone in that video possesses, it’s hunger. They all have a hunger to make the world better, to make work that matters. I have that hunger, too. It’s a driver, an energy boost. It pushes you harder and faster and is infinitely rewarding in and of itself. Hunger is a byproduct of purpose and potential coming together.

The hunger is what’s valuable, not the goal. Upon reaching the pinnacle, we get disillusioned. We’ve made the unobtainable obtainable. That journey to the top gives us no clear path to the next thing. No one wants to trudge back down.

So maybe, just maybe, to be hungry is to be satisfied. To be hungry is to have purpose. To be hungry is to be content.